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Top 9 Wireless Meat Thermometers: Spice Up Your Cooking Game!

If you’re looking for the best wireless meat thermometers on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Wireless thermometers are a great way to measure and monitor temperatures during cooking processes. They give you more accurate readings than standard food thermometers, and can even be used while grilling or barbecuing outside. We’ve rounded up nine of the best wireless meat and grill thermometers to help you make sure your food is cooked just the way you like it.

Choosing the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer

When it comes to selecting the best wireless meat thermometer, a few key factors should guide your decision. Start by considering the temperature range it offers; some wireless grill thermometers excel in a wide range, perfect for various cooking methods like grilling and roasting. 

Accuracy is crucial, as you’ll want precise temperature readings for both the internal and ambient temperatures. Look for wireless meat thermometers that offer instant read capabilities, allowing you to monitor temperatures without delay. 

If you prefer a wireless grill thermometer, ensure it has a robust wireless connection and a wide connectivity range. Also, consider whether you need a single probe or one that can accommodate multiple probes for monitoring different dishes simultaneously.

Dishwasher-safe, stainless steel probes are a plus, making cleanup a breeze. By keeping these criteria in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best wireless meat thermometer for your cooking needs.

Mastering Cooking Temperatures with Your Wireless Meat Thermometer

A wireless meat thermometer is your trusted companion in achieving culinary perfection. It excels in providing accurate temperature readings, both for the internal temperature of your meat and the ambient temperature of your cooking environment. With precise temperature reading accuracy, you can confidently monitor temperatures and make timely adjustments to reach your desired temperature.

These wireless thermometers are more than just temperature probes; they are your key to mastering the art of cooking. Whether you’re aiming for specific target internal temperatures for different meats or simply need temperature alerts, a wireless meat thermometer is your culinary guide. It takes the guesswork out of cooking, ensuring that your dishes turn out perfectly every time.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Wireless Meat Thermometer

Your wireless meat thermometer is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer in your kitchen. With its accurate temperature readings and real-time monitoring capabilities, you can confidently experiment with different cooking temperatures and techniques. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, or smoking, your wireless thermometer will keep you informed every step of the way. 

Don’t limit yourself to a single probe; explore models that accommodate multiple probes, allowing you to monitor various dishes simultaneously. Some even come with preset temperatures for added convenience. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, your wireless meat thermometer is your secret ingredient to consistently achieving the perfect level of doneness, meal after meal. It’s time to unlock its full potential and elevate your culinary skills.

Understanding Ambient Temperature with a Wireless Grill Thermometer

When you’re grilling up a storm, understanding the ambient temperature is just as crucial as monitoring your food’s internal temperature. A wireless grill thermometer with a wide temperature range is your ultimate ally in achieving grilling perfection. It not only keeps an eye on your meat’s internal temperature but also provides real-time readings of the ambient temperature around your grill. This valuable information ensures that you’re grilling at the ideal conditions, whether you’re searing steaks or slow-roasting ribs. 

No need for an instant read thermometer to constantly check the grill’s heat; your wireless grill thermometer has you covered. So, next time you fire up the grill, pay attention to the ambient temperature, and let your wireless thermometer take the guesswork out of your outdoor cooking adventure.

best wireless thermometers

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01 Chef iQ Thermometer

The first on our list is the Chef IQ Thermometer. This thermometer is designed to give you accurate and precise temperature readings, so you can be sure your food is cooked to perfection. It also comes with multiple probes so you can monitor temperatures of multiple pieces of food at once. Additionally, it has a timer function that will alert you when your food is done.


  • Say goodbye to guesswork in cooking! This smart thermometer updates you in real-time with internal temperature, giving you reminders to flip and even tells you when to rest your food.
  • Sensored! The quad sensors are designed to give you the most accurate cooking results, no matter which angle you approach from. With 3 internal and 1 ambient sensor, you’re always covered.
  • Afraid you might miss something? Don’t worry, the charging hub speaker and app notifications will keep you updated with audible and visual reminders.
  • Always in a rush? 40+ hours of use from just a 10-minute charge. Need it right now? Charge for just 1 minute and you’re good to go for hours.
  • Love chatting up guests while cooking? Great! This thermometer has long-range connectivity that lets you mingle and monitor your cooking simultaneously.
  • Fear not the high heat! This thermometer can handle temperatures up to 572°F, making it ideal for air frying, deep frying, slow cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, sous-vide, smoking, rotisserie, and convection ovens.
  • Tired of the cleanup? Waterproof and dishwasher-safe probes make cleaning a breeze, just toss them in with your other dishes.
  • Need some cooking inspiration? Check out the CHEF iQ App for optimal cooking times for various foods or choose from hundreds of mouth-watering recipes.
  • Last but not least. The ultra-thin design keeps all the juiciness inside your meat, so every bite is perfectly cooked.

02 ThermoPro Thermometer

Hassle-free grilling, no wires, and perfect results every time. This wireless thermometer is a game-changer for your kitchen. It connects via advanced Bluetooth 5.2 and can monitor your cooking from up to 500 feet away – that’s impressive!

Whether you’re using an electric rotisserie, smoker, oven, grill, or trying sous vide, this gadget has you covered. It measures both your meat’s temperature and the cooking environment accurately and quickly. The easy-to-use app sends real-time alerts, tracks temperatures, and even helps estimate your cooking time.

Worried about overcooking? Don’t be. Smart alarms will keep you on track. Plus, it’s rechargeable and waterproof, so you can enjoy long cooking sessions without worry. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to delicious, stress-free meals! 


  • Ultra-Long Range: Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity allows monitoring from up to 500 feet away, offering unparalleled convenience.

  • Wire-Free Cooking: Eliminates tangled wires for versatile use with electric rotisserie, smoker, oven, grill, pan-frying, or sous vide, making setup and cleanup hassle-free.

  • Dual Sensors: Simultaneously measures internal meat temperature and ambient pit temperatures for precision cooking in just 3 seconds.

  • User-Friendly App: The accompanying app provides real-time alerts, custom timers, and temperature graphs, making you a pro in the kitchen.

  • Smart Alarm System: Estimates cooking time and sets temperature alarms within 5°F/10°F/15°F of the target, ensuring you never overcook your meals.

  • Rechargeable: It’s rechargeable, making it perfect for long cooking sessions such as smoking and grilling.

  • Waterproof: The IP67-rated stainless steel probe is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, keeping your cooking space tidy.

03 Meater Plus Thermometer

Meet the MEATER Plus, your ticket to stress-free, perfectly cooked meals, whether you’re indoors or enjoying outdoor cooking adventures. It’s 100% wire-free, giving you the freedom and flexibility to cook without constraints. 

With dual temperature sensors, it effortlessly monitors both the meat’s internal temperature and your cooking environment, ensuring that your dishes turn out just right.

The Guided Cook System takes the guesswork out of cooking, providing step-by-step instructions and custom alerts based on temperature and time. Plus, it can estimate ideal cooking and resting times for your food, making meal planning a breeze.

You can extend its range over WiFi with MEATER Link, and the probe is made of stainless steel, water-resistant, and dishwasher safe. Simply put, the MEATER Plus is your culinary companion for achieving consistently perfect results every time you cook.


  • Wire-Free Cooking: This thermometer is 100% wire-free, offering complete freedom and flexibility for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

  • Dual Temperature Sensors: It comes equipped with two sensors, allowing you to monitor both the internal meat temperature (up to 212°F) and the ambient/external temperature (up to 527°F) simultaneously.

  • Guided Cook System: Say goodbye to guesswork! The innovative Guided Cook System guides you through each cooking stage, ensuring consistent and perfect results. You can even set up custom alerts and notifications for temperature and time.

  • MEATER Link: Extend your wireless range by connecting to your home WiFi network with a second smart device, providing even more flexibility in monitoring your cooking.

  • Probe Specifications: The probe is made of stainless steel, is water-resistant, and easy to clean. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity with a range of up to 165 ft. The maximum internal temperature it can measure is 212°F, and it can handle ambient temperatures of up to 527°F.

  • Free App: You can easily monitor your cooking progress using the free app, available for both iOS (version 12.2.0 and later) and Android (version 8.0 and later) smartphones and tablets. Please note that a smartphone is not included in the package.

04 Meater Block Thermometers

Introducing the MEATER Block, your secret to stress-free and perfectly cooked meals. With its impressive range extension, you can keep an eye on your food from up to 165ft away, or use the convenient Stand-Alone Mode if you prefer phone-free cooking. 

Four probes, each equipped with dual temperature sensors, ensure that both your meat’s target internal temperature (up to 212°F) and the cooking environment’s temperature (up to 527°F) are monitored simultaneously.

The Guided Cook System takes you through each step of the cooking process, while custom alerts and notifications based on temperature and time keep you on track. No more guesswork with our advanced estimator algorithm, which calculates ideal cooking and resting times for your food. 

Plus, the MEATER Block is hassle-free with its Micro-USB power source, and it comes with four probe clips to get you started right away. Elevate your cooking game effortlessly with this handy culinary companion.


  • Longer Range: Built-in Bluetooth to WiFi range extension lets you monitor your food from up to 165ft away, giving you plenty of space to move around. It also has a Stand-Alone Mode if you prefer to cook without your smartphone.

  • Four Probes: With four probes, you can multi-task with ease. Each probe includes dual temperature sensors, so you can keep an eye on both the internal meat temperature (up to 212°F) and the ambient/external temperature (up to 527°F) at the same time.

  • Guided Cook System: The step-by-step system simplifies your cooking process, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection every time. Custom alerts and notifications based on temperature and time keep you on track for great results.

  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Say goodbye to meal planning guesswork. The algorithm estimates the ideal cooking and resting times for your food, making your culinary adventures stress-free.

  • Convenient Power Source: The MEATER Block is powered via a Micro-USB port, eliminating the need for AA batteries. Please note that it doesn’t charge AA batteries, and the Micro-USB cable is not included in the package.

  • Handy Accessories: To get you started right away, the package includes four probe clips, ensuring you have everything you need to make the most of this versatile cooking tool.

05 ThermoPro Twin Thermometer

Imagine effortlessly monitoring your cooking from up to 500 feet away with the 5.2 Bluetooth technology in this wireless thermometer. It’s not only a budget-friendly option but also outperforms the competition. 

The Booster display with a backlight LCD lets you check ambient and meat temperatures without reaching for your phone, even in dim lighting. With two wireless meat probes and separate sensors, you can simultaneously track internal meat and ambient temperatures, ensuring your meals turn out just right. 

No more fussing with wires – this thermometer offers a truly wire-free experience, perfect for various cooking methods. Plus, the TempSpike App allows remote monitoring, presetting target temperatures, estimating cooking times, and real-time alerts, acting like your personal sous chef. 

It’s also designed for power efficiency with a low battery indicator and an auto-off feature, and it’s dishwasher-safe and waterproof. With NSF certification for food safety and quality, this thermometer is a secure choice for your cooking adventures.


  • 500FT Ultra-Long Range: Utilizes advanced 5.2 Bluetooth technology for stable and reliable connectivity up to 500 ft, surpassing the competition at a more budget-friendly price point.

  • Booster with Standalone Display: The Booster display allows you to conveniently monitor both ambient and meat temperatures without needing to check the app. The backlight LCD makes cooking in low-light conditions a breeze.

  • Twin Probes, Dual Sensors: This thermometer comes with two wireless meat probes, each equipped with separate sensors that can simultaneously monitor both internal meat temperature and the ambient temperature around your grill or cooking area.

  • 100% Wire-Free: Unlike traditional food thermometers with messy wires, this affordable wireless cooking thermometer boasts a truly wire-free design, making it perfect for use with rotisseries, ovens, grills, smokers, and more.

  • Smart App Control: With the included TempSpike App, you can remotely monitor your grill or oven, preset target temperatures, estimate cooking times, and receive real-time alerts. It’s like having your virtual sous chef.

  • Power Saver: The Booster features a low battery indicator, so you’ll know when it’s time to recharge. Additionally, it includes a 5-minute auto-off feature to conserve battery life. Plus, it’s waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and fully-featured.

  • Certified by NSF: All ThermoPro products, including this thermometer, have been certified by NSF, ensuring they are food-safe, quality-qualified, and environmentally friendly, offering extra peace of mind compared to many other products on the market.

06 TempPro

Say goodbye to kitchen wire clutter and hello to hassle-free cooking with this advanced wireless meat thermometer. Its powerful Bluetooth technology provides an impressive range of up to 500 feet, giving you the freedom to monitor your cooking from a distance without the need for complicated setups. 

With dual temperature sensors, it can accurately track both internal meat temperatures and ambient temperatures, making it a versatile choice for various cooking methods. The companion app turns your smartphone into a personal sous-chef, allowing you to monitor real-time temperatures, set custom alerts, and receive notifications when your food is perfectly cooked. 

Plus, it’s designed for convenience with features like dishwasher-safe components, deep-fryer resistance, and a long-lasting battery life of over 36 hours. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting your culinary journey, this smart digital meat thermometer is the perfect kitchen assistant to help you achieve delicious, restaurant-quality results with ease.


  • Up to 500 Ft Range: The built-in Advanced 5.2 Bluetooth Technology provides a generous range of up to 500 ft, ensuring you can monitor your cooking from a distance without the need for additional setup or pairing.

  • No Wires, No Mess: This Bluetooth thermometer is designed for convenience. Once inserted, it operates wirelessly, eliminating the hassle of tangled cables. It’s perfect for various cooking methods like oven, grill, smoker, BBQ, electric rotisserie, and even air fryers.

  • 1 Probe, 2 Sensors: The wireless meat probe thermometer features dual temperature sensors that can simultaneously monitor internal meat temperatures up to 212°F and ambient temperatures up to 572°F with impressive accuracy (±1.8°F). It’s also dishwasher-safe, deep-fryer proof, and boasts a battery life of over 36 hours, making it ideal for sous-vide and low-and-slow cooking.

  • App Remote Control: With its companion app, this wireless thermometer serves as your personal sous-chef. Monitor real-time temperatures, customize cook alerts, and receive notifications when your meat is perfectly cooked. It’s your key to achieving restaurant-quality results and never overcooking your meat again.

  • Intelligent Cooking System: The thermometer offers real-time temperature charts for quick adjustments to heat levels. It also incorporates a built-in time estimate algorithm, allowing you to manage your cooking time efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, this smart digital meat thermometer is your best cooking companion.

07 Grillart Thermometer

Meet your new kitchen helper that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking adventures. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, frying, or using an oven, this thermometer has you covered. 

Its IP67 Waterproof probe ensures precise monitoring of meat temperatures up to 212℉/100℃, guaranteeing that your BBQ and cooking results are consistently perfect. 

What’s more, it’s completely wire-free, eliminating the hassle of tangled wires and the need for a smartphone app. No complicated setups here! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, this thermometer offers pre-programmed settings for various meats, making it suitable for all skill levels. 

Plus, it comes with two probes, allowing you to monitor multiple foods at once or achieve different doneness levels for the same dish. With a remote range of up to 200 feet and a convenient buzzer alarm, you can trust that your food will always be cooked to perfection, even when you’re in another room. Say goodbye to overcooking and hello to more time for the things you enjoy.


  • Great for Indoor & Outdoor Cooking: Whether you’re using a smoker, grill, rotisserie, oven, pan, or air fryer, this thermometer is compatible with all. Its IP67 Waterproof probe can precisely monitor cooking meat temperatures up to 212℉/100℃, ensuring perfect BBQ and cooking results.

  • Wire-Free, No Mess, No App Needed: Say goodbye to tangled wires and complex app-based setups. Simply insert the probes into your meat, and you’re ready to go. No need to worry about multiple people using it – there’s no phone pairing required.

  • Pre-Programmed Temp & Customized Setting: Suitable for both beginners and experienced chefs, it comes with pre-programmed functions for different meats, making it easy for newcomers. If you’re a BBQ pro, you can customize temperature settings to your preference. Prepare a variety of foods like beef, veal, turkey, lamb, pork, fish, burgers, and more with ease.

  • 2 Probes for More Choices: Monitor the temperature of two different foods simultaneously or set two doneness levels for the same food based on your family’s taste preferences. Both probe readings are displayed on the host, allowing you to create perfectly flavored dishes in less time.

  • Remote Range Use with Buzzer Alarm: Even when you’re in another room watching TV, chatting, babysitting, or cleaning, you can keep your food at restaurant-quality doneness. Just place the host nearby, and its beep will remind you when your food is ready. This ensures you never overcook, allowing you to focus on activities you enjoy. The remote range can reach up to 200 feet, depending on your cooking equipment’s type and material.


Get ready for a hassle-free cooking experience with this truly wire-free wireless meat thermometer. Whether you’re using an electric rotisserie, smoker, stove, oven, grill, frying pan, or trying your hand at sous vide, this thermometer has you covered. With an impressive Bluetooth range of up to 165 feet, you can monitor your cooking without being tied to the grill or stove. 

The PROBE TEMP APP simplifies grilling with 11 meat presets and customizable settings, providing real-time cooking notifications for perfect results. Thanks to an upgraded sensitive sensor, you can trust it for precise temperature readings within +/-1.8°F. 

Plus, it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and easy to clean with premium stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic construction. Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meat and hello to consistent, restaurant-quality meals.


  • 100% Truly Wire-Free: This wireless meat thermometer eliminates tangled and restrictive wires, making it a perfect companion for electric rotisseries, smokers, stoves, ovens, grills, frying pans, and even sous vide cooking. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of cooking without wires or the hassle of setup and cleanup.

  • 165-Ft Ultra-Long Range: Thanks to advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, this meat thermometer allows you to monitor your cooking from an impressive distance of up to 165 feet. Say goodbye to hovering over the grill or stove and stay connected to real-time temperature updates on your phone, even while watching games or entertaining guests.

  • Smart App Controlled: The PROBE TEMP APP takes the guesswork out of grilling. It offers 11 meat presets with USDA-recommended temperatures, or you can customize your own presets. The app provides real-time cooking notifications, making it easy to cook like a pro with just a tap of the “start” button.

  • Upgraded Sensitive Sensor: Utilizing advanced sensors, this wireless thermometer provides highly accurate real-time temperature readings quickly, with an impressive accuracy of +/-1.8°F. Bid farewell to overcooked or undercooked meat, and say hello to consistent, perfectly cooked results every time.

  • Waterproof & Rechargeable: With a quick 5-minute full charge, this smoker thermometer can serve you for 4-6 hours. Crafted with premium 304 stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic, it boasts rustproof and IP67-rated waterproof capabilities, making it easy to clean and ideal for outdoor cooking adventures.

09 Beofinest

Experience the freedom of grilling and cooking without being tethered to your grill or stove. With a remarkable range of up to 500 feet through Bluetooth 5.2 technology, you can monitor your cooking while mingling with guests or simply relaxing with a drink. 

The thermometer’s dual sensors provide rapid and accurate temperature readings, both inside the meat (up to 212℉) and in the cooking environment (up to 527℉). Achieve culinary perfection with ease, whether you’re craving a tender steak or a flawlessly roasted chicken. 

The intuitive app offers a range of meat types, doneness levels, and custom settings, catering to both seasoned grillers and novice chefs. It’s rechargeable, eco-friendly, and built to withstand water, ensuring longevity and convenience in your cooking adventures. Whether you’re cooking indoors or outdoors, this versatile thermometer will help you deliver delicious meals to you and your loved ones.


  • Up to 500 Ft Range: Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 technology, you can monitor your cooking from up to 500 feet away. Enjoy the freedom to mingle with guests or relax with a drink while staying connected to your culinary masterpiece through your phone. Note: Actual range may be affected by physical obstructions and wireless interference.

  • Fast and Accurate: This digital meat thermometer boasts accuracy as its top priority. It features a meat temperature probe with two sensors that simultaneously monitor internal meat temperature (up to 212℉) and ambient temperature (up to 527℉). It delivers highly accurate readings in just 2 seconds with an accuracy range of +/- 1.8℉. Whether you’re aiming for a juicy steak or perfectly roasted chicken, this thermometer will guide you to culinary perfection.

  • Smart and Multifunctional App: The intuitive app makes monitoring your cooking a breeze. Set your desired temperature and receive real-time alerts when your food is ready. It offers 9 meat types and doneness levels, and supports custom timer and temperature settings. Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a novice chef, this wireless thermometer will help you achieve culinary success.

  • Rechargeable and Waterproof: This Bluetooth meat thermometer is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient with its rechargeable design. It offers excellent battery life for longer cooking sessions. The probe is made from IP67 rated stainless steel, making it waterproof and easy to clean by simply rinsing with water and soap.

  • Perfect Cooking Guaranteed: Designed for various cooking scenarios, including ovens, stovetops, and grills, this thermometer features a magnetic back for easy attachment to refrigerators or any metal surface. Whether you’re celebrating at home, enjoying a picnic outdoors, or hosting a barbecue party, it will help you master the art of cooking and deliver culinary delights to you and your loved ones.


What is a wireless meat thermometer?

A wireless meat thermometer is a kitchen gadget that allows you to monitor the temperature of your food while it cooks, without the need for physical wires connecting the thermometer to a display unit. It typically uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to transmit temperature data to your smartphone or a separate receiver.

How does a wireless meat thermometer work?

Wireless meat thermometers work by using a temperature probe that you insert into the meat you’re cooking. This probe is connected wirelessly to a receiver or a smartphone app, which displays real-time temperature readings. You can monitor the progress of your cooking remotely, ensuring your food reaches the desired temperature without constant checking.

What are the benefits of using a wireless meat thermometer?

Wireless meat thermometers offer several advantages. They allow you to monitor your cooking from a distance, so you can multitask or socialize without being tied to the grill or oven. They also help you achieve precise and consistent results, preventing overcooking or undercooking. Plus, they often come with handy features like preset temperature settings and alerts.

Can I use a wireless meat thermometer for different types of cooking methods?

Yes, many wireless meat thermometers are versatile and can be used for various cooking methods, including grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, and even sous vide. However, it’s essential to check the thermometer’s specifications to ensure it’s suitable for your specific cooking needs.

How far can I be from the thermometer's base unit or smartphone app while monitoring?

The range of a wireless meat thermometer can vary depending on the model and the technology it uses. Some can reach up to 500 feet, while others have a shorter range. Keep in mind that physical obstructions and wireless interference can affect the actual range, so it’s a good idea to stay within a reasonable distance for a stable connection.

Are wireless meat thermometers easy to clean?

Many wireless meat thermometers come with waterproof probes that are easy to clean. You can usually rinse the probe with water and mild soap. However, always check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations to ensure the longevity of your thermometer.

Can I use a wireless meat thermometer for multiple types of meat simultaneously?

Some wireless meat thermometers come with multiple probes, allowing you to monitor the temperature of different pieces of meat at the same time. This feature is particularly useful when cooking various meats with different ideal temperatures.

Do wireless meat thermometers have a power source, or do they use batteries?

Many wireless meat thermometers are rechargeable, which is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. However, some models may use replaceable batteries. Always check the product specifications to understand the power source and battery life of your chosen thermometer.

Are wireless meat thermometers accurate?

Wireless meat thermometers are designed for accuracy, often providing readings within a few degrees of the actual temperature. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper probe placement and calibration to ensure the best results.


wireless meat thermometers have revolutionized the way we approach cooking. These versatile gadgets provide the freedom to monitor your food’s temperature from a distance, freeing you from the kitchen while ensuring culinary perfection. With fast and accurate readings, intuitive apps, and various cooking options, they cater to both novice chefs and seasoned grillmasters. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, or even experimenting with sous vide, these wireless wonders offer convenience, precision, and consistent results. Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meals and hello to culinary success. So, if you’re looking to elevate your cooking game and enjoy more time with friends and family, consider adding a wireless meat thermometer to your kitchen arsenal. Your taste buds will thank you.

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