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cauliflower rice everything you need to know

Cauliflower Rice (Everything You Need To Know)

Cauliflower rice is a great grain-free, low-carbohydrate alternative to traditional rice. It is easy to make and can be used in a variety of dishes. It’s a great healthy alternative to regular fried rice. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cauliflower rice, how to make it, the benefits, and some recipes for you to try!

What Is Cauliflower Rice?

Cauliflower rice is simply rice that is made from cauliflower instead of grains. It has a similar texture to regular rice but is lower in carbohydrates and calories. Cauliflower rice is a great alternative for those on a grain-free, low-carbohydrate diet, or just trying to cut back on calories. It is also an amazing way to get extra vegetables in if you aren’t a big vegetable eater.

Is Cauliflower Rice Good For You?

Yes! Cauliflower is a nutrient-dense vegetable that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamin C, B6, K, and Potassium. It is also low in calories and carbohydrates. When you replace grains with cauliflower rice, you are getting more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants while consuming fewer calories and carbs.

Is Cauliflower Rice Better For You Than White Rice?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on your individual dietary needs. If you are trying to cut back on calories or carbohydrates, then cauliflower rice is a great alternative. However, if you are not concerned with these factors, then white rice may be a better option for you. Unless you have dietary needs or are trying to cut calories both kinds of rice have their place. However, cauliflower rice does have more nutrients.

How Many Calories Are In Cauliflower Rice?

Cauliflower rice has about 25 calories per cup whereas white rice has about 205 calories per cup. So, if you are trying to cut back on calories, cauliflower rice is a great alternative.

Calories/Carbs Per Cup Cooked

Rice TypeCaloriesCarbs
Cauliflower Rice253
Long Grain White Rice20536
Long Grain Brown Rice21635
Jasmine Rice23840
cauliflower rice comparison

What Does Cauliflower Rice Taste Like?

You might be thinking, “it’s gonna taste like vegetables” but you may be surprised. Cauliflower rice tastes like rice, but it is not as sweet as white rice. It has a slightly nutty flavor that is neutral enough to go with any dish. If you season it and cook it properly you might even find yourself forgetting it’s cauliflower.

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How To Make Cauliflower Rice.

If it’s your first time making riced cauliflower it is incredibly easy and doesn’t take much time at all. All you need is cauliflower and a food processor or blender. First, you will want to wash your cauliflower and remove the stem. Next, cut the cauliflower into florets and place them in a food processor or blender. Pulse the cauliflower until it resembles rice then remove any large pieces if there are any. If you don’t know if it’s done check your food processor after every couple of pulses or you may end up with cauliflower mash instead of rice. If you don’t have a food processor or blender you can use a cheese grater but it will take more time.

Can You Save It?

Raw Cauliflower Rice

Raw riced cauliflower doesn’t have a really long life. After 2 days or so it starts to develop a smell that is unappealing. So it is best to use it when you make it or within a day or 2 at most.

Cooked Cauliflower Rice

After you have cooked your cauliflower rice it doesn’t have an issue as much with the smell. In our experience, if you put it in an airtight refrigerator container it should be fine for 3-5 days.

Frozen Cauliflower Rice

This is our preferred method because you can make enough for several meals and store it. We do recommend drying it out with some paper towels to remove moisture before freezing and storing it in vacuum-sealed freezer bags if possible. We use the Food Saver to seal ours in and have never had an issue. Once it’s frozen it should be good for around a month or so. The best part, you can pull it out of the freezer and have it ready to eat in 5 -10 minutes.

Can I Buy Riced Cauliflower?

Yes! You can find cauliflower rice in the frozen section of most grocery stores. It is usually located near the other frozen vegetables. Buying frozen cauliflower rice is a great option if you don’t have time to make your own or if you don’t have a food processor at home, buying is an easy option. If you are near a Costco they sell big bags of frozen riced cauliflower in the freezer section for a great price. You can also find it at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and most other stores or even get it shipped to you from places like Amazon if they have it available in your area.

How Do I Cook Cauliflower Rice?

Cauliflower rice isn’t like traditional rice and requires a fraction of the time to cook. There are many ways that you can cook cauliflower rice. You can cook it in a pan on the stove with a little olive oil, in the microwave, or even in the oven. Season with some salt and pepper, lemon juice, or whatever seasonings you prefer. If you are cooking it on the stove, you will want to add a little olive oil to your pan and cook it for about five minutes. When you are cooking it in the microwave, you will want to add a little water to your cauliflower rice and cook it for about three minutes. If you are cooking it in the oven, you will want to add a little oil and water to your cauliflower rice and bake it at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Cauliflower Rice Recipe Ideas

You can look up several vegetarian recipes or keto diet recipes only using riced cauliflower. There are several amazing resources out there to cater to your eating style but we have thrown just a couple of easy recipes and ideas below for inspiration.

Side Dish It

You can also have it as a great side dish with your favorite meals. Rice can shine just as much as a side dish as it does in the main course so be creative and don’t limit yourself to one or the other. We use it as a side for Salmon, Wings, and Tacos.

Air fryer chicken wings


There are many benefits to eating cauliflower rice. It is lower in calories and carbohydrates than traditional rice, it is packed with nutrients, and it is easy to make. Whether you are trying to cut back on calories or carbs, or you simply want to get more vegetables in your diet, cauliflower rice is a great option. Give it a try today! You might be surprised at how much you like it.

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